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Bobbie Griffin
Bobbie Griffin

We are a leading news site dealing with a diverse category of news from across all parts of the globe. We have the best news collectors who go the scenes to find excellent and fresh news that are trendy and those that have not been published anywhere in the world. Our stories are well written and structured to ensure that they pass a meaningful message to the readers. Because we collect news from all the disciplines, we have a multidisciplinary team of intelligence collectors to make sure that message is clearly written using the appropriate jargons and concepts.

Social and criminal justice


We move place after place covering the most shocking news in this niche. All our news are evidence based with perfect pictures and videos that could act as a reference. In this category, we have also ensured that we create the best documentaries that are touching and significant to the society to know.



We have the latest national geographic news, the best environmental conservation news done by various states and the best environmental improvements that have occurred in different parts of the world.

Science and technology


We cover scientific inventions, improvements and other news that could be of value to the society. In this field, our professional team handles face to face with the concerned people to get firsthand information at all time.