We have an audience of more than 50 million from across the globe, and this makes us be a premier gateway for marketers who are looking forward to improving their sales. As if that is not enough, other news sites have merged with us increasing the audience volume to over 100 million people.

#1. Sponsored tweets

These are tweets that structured creatively to ensure that they pass a promoting message to the audience. For every sponsored tweet that is approved, it gets the opportunity to be read by millions of people who then end up following you on twitter. You get potential customers who will contact you and make orders or inquiries about your products. It costs $500 per month.

#2. Premium ads

These are well structured and colored ads that pop up on every page of the new site. It attracts the attention of the readers who then click on it to see what exactly is on the website. In so doing, they might get interested and become your customers. It should be less than 15kb, and no animation is allowed. They cost $600 per month

#3. Paid reviews

These are the small excerpts that your customers have written after tasting the quality of your products. They are placed on every page to ensure that they get a maximum number of views from the readers. They cost $70 per month, and you can renew the payment every month.