5 ways technology is changing and will continue to change our lives

5 ways technology is changing and will continue to change our lives

#1. Mobile and softcopy wallets

Initially, people you used to carry a lot of things in their wallet to ensure that they are safe. People would put money in their pockets as they are going to shop and this was a security threat and a major inconvenience at the same time. Today you don’t have to do that. Your phone could be your bank and your wallet, and you can make transaction anywhere you want. You can withdraw money from the bank straight to your phone without much hustle. Mobile wallets have transformed the lives.

#2. Tech to wear

You don’t have to struggle to dial your touchscreen again. The Arm keyboard released where you can use smart glasses to operate it. Here, you can just look at the phone and read emails and messages without touching the phone. The smart watch and smart glasses have transformed lives, and that is why many people like this technology. A virtual keyboard can be displayed on the forearm to ensure that you acquire maximum control of your gadget.

#3. Improved sports

Forget about movies on the screen or watching them YouTube, this is different. You have a live theater where millions of fans are gathered to celebrate their e-sportsmen as they play their games. You have the ability to enjoy live sports that have virtual people as participants. To ensure that you have the best experience on this, check out the League of Legends.

#4. Technologically superior homes

They are popularly known as the smart homes. Here, you can make the best changes at any time by the click of a button. The Clapper was the first smart home in the home technology industry, and it has made many homes of the same kind to be invented. They have web-connected cameras, smart lockable doors, and outstanding smart security alert systems. In this house, you can operate cookers, refrigerators and washing machines wherever you are by the touch of a button. Stylish sofas are as well available.

#5. Even robots can learn

Some people are allergic to certain pets like Dogs. The allergy makes them unable to keep dogs in their compound, and they end up having a lot of sorrow and sadness for that. Allergy should not worry people again because you can purchase the Zoomer that learns a lot of things. Other machines that learn are the robots that are used to work in health threatening areas. Self-drive cars have also been invented giving people the opportunity to sit down and relax as the car is making moves using its GPS and detection system to recognize other cars and pedestrians.

In conclusion, technology has changed many things though people cannot appreciate these changes because it has become a routine thing. You need to be so technology sensitive to identify these changes otherwise you will see all things to be normal.


How to install a DIY solar panel to save energy and money

How to install a DIY solar panel to save energy and money

Sunlight needs to be converted to electricity to provide sufficient amount of energy. DIY is required to make the sunlight energy to turn into electricity so that it functions properly. Below are the steps on how you can do this process to achieve a functional power grid system.

#1. Consider a location for solar panel installation

Solar panels are very expensive, so they need to be installed on a perfect place to ensure that they don’t get damaged. You can choose ground installation, where you keep all the panels on the ground. Be careful not to keep them in a swampy place where they can sink into the ground when the rain comes. You need to ensure that you have the best panels that cannot be broken on slight tough because by putting them on the ground you expose them to a lot of danger. You can also mount a frame and place them on top which is the better way though it is very expensive to perform.

#2. Install the inverters

An Inverter is a tool that converts the solar energy from the panel to electricity. Choose an inverter that can handle the panel power output efficiently. The type of inverter you choose determines the efficiency of your system, so you need to be careful when choosing what to install. It is good that you select a microinverter for each panel instead of a single inverter for all the solar panels.

#3. Net meter installation

A net meter is a tool that records the amount of power consumption. It is good for yourself because it informs you about your energy consumption. You can use it when you want to sell power that is in excess to people.

The 4 most popular apps on Apple Store

The 4 most popular apps on Apple Store

#1. Asana


Asana is an app that has been used to measure the productivity of employees in companies and businesses. It has reduced the inspection task that many employers used to perform before its release. Being easy to install, it has found numerous use in many of the companies because it is clear and straightforward in gauging the performance of the workers. Although it functions in other mobile phones, IPhone happens to be the best phone that can make it work outstandingly.

#2. Bill Guard


Bill Guard a financial app that manages all your credits cards and statements of transactions that you make you go throughout. It has been built with the highest level of security to ensure that your finances are free from security threats. This protection aspect is what makes this app get access to millions of people who own iPhone. A lot of apps that manage finances of people have invented, but they end up causing loss, but this one have proven to be a reliable one because there have been no cases of the financial breach through them.

#3. Box


This app was built to provide outstanding storage services to many people. It could be videos, written documents or photos: this app can store everything and ensure that they are completely safe. You can upgrade with time as your needs keep on raising day by day. It has up to 10 GB memory where you can store all the files that come on your device.

All the data sent on your apps, as long as they come to accounts registered by the same details that you used to sign up for an account on the Box, they get stored, and you can access them anytime you want.