The 3 top books and resources on global warming

#1. Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast


This book was by David Archer, who was one of the most famous and reliable meteorologists. The book contains information about the causes, factors that contribute to and the effects of global warming in the society. It explains the whole process from the start to the end to ensure that you have a perfect understanding of the whole global warming context. It has three parts that explain the types, mechanisms, and differences of global warming and how it has affected climatic changes in the world. Because the book is an excellent source of information, it has been used by scholars and students as a reference.

#2. Global Warming: The Complete Briefing


It explains the whole science behind global warming in detail. It has notified that global warming started recently because in the past, like ten years ago, there was no global warming. The book has therefore described the scientific inventions and changes that led to global warming. It has further explained the significance of the Ozone layer and how it is of benefit to the world. John Houghton is the chief author of this book though some other scientists who have taken part in the writing of the book.

#3. Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years


The book tries to explain the global warming extent in the next coming years by using the global warming capacity of the past. It uses the existing global warming data to analyze and see how it will be in the next ten years or so. Though complicated, it takes you stage by stage to ensure that you grasp all the concepts that it contains.

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