5 ways technology is changing and will continue to change our lives

#1. Mobile and softcopy wallets

Initially, people you used to carry a lot of things in their wallet to ensure that they are safe. People would put money in their pockets as they are going to shop and this was a security threat and a major inconvenience at the same time. Today you don’t have to do that. Your phone could be your bank and your wallet, and you can make transaction anywhere you want. You can withdraw money from the bank straight to your phone without much hustle. Mobile wallets have transformed the lives.

#2. Tech to wear

You don’t have to struggle to dial your touchscreen again. The Arm keyboard released where you can use smart glasses to operate it. Here, you can just look at the phone and read emails and messages without touching the phone. The smart watch and smart glasses have transformed lives, and that is why many people like this technology. A virtual keyboard can be displayed on the forearm to ensure that you acquire maximum control of your gadget.

#3. Improved sports

Forget about movies on the screen or watching them YouTube, this is different. You have a live theater where millions of fans are gathered to celebrate their e-sportsmen as they play their games. You have the ability to enjoy live sports that have virtual people as participants. To ensure that you have the best experience on this, check out the League of Legends.

#4. Technologically superior homes

They are popularly known as the smart homes. Here, you can make the best changes at any time by the click of a button. The Clapper was the first smart home in the home technology industry, and it has made many homes of the same kind to be invented. They have web-connected cameras, smart lockable doors, and outstanding smart security alert systems. In this house, you can operate cookers, refrigerators and washing machines wherever you are by the touch of a button. Stylish sofas are as well available.

#5. Even robots can learn

Some people are allergic to certain pets like Dogs. The allergy makes them unable to keep dogs in their compound, and they end up having a lot of sorrow and sadness for that. Allergy should not worry people again because you can purchase the Zoomer that learns a lot of things. Other machines that learn are the robots that are used to work in health threatening areas. Self-drive cars have also been invented giving people the opportunity to sit down and relax as the car is making moves using its GPS and detection system to recognize other cars and pedestrians.

In conclusion, technology has changed many things though people cannot appreciate these changes because it has become a routine thing. You need to be so technology sensitive to identify these changes otherwise you will see all things to be normal.


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