The five worst criminals in US history

The US is a highly populated country that holds every race that is in the world. The insecurity scandals that used to exist before came to a stop after acute interventions were made by the US government to ensure that criminals are no more. Although this was there were measures to prevent the crime that worked, there were serious criminals that cannot go silent in the memories of people due to their lethal and heart touching crimes that they committed in the US soil. Many of the were murdered by the government while others killed themselves to avoid being harassed by the law.

#1. Ted Bundy


Ted is the notorious criminal who claimed over 50 lives of innocent US citizens. It was in the 1970s when he was doing these inhuman acts. His tactic was by acting that he was injured, and as people were going to help him, he would stab them to death using a knife or metal. His life was marvelous in the Washington Republican party, but he just turned to become a serial killer. He was sentenced to death in 1989 after killing a lady by the name Kimberly Diane Leach in Florida State University.

#2. Timothy McVeigh


He is one of the Gulf war veterans known who was seeking revenge from the Colombian federal government. His lethal attack was the bombing of the Alfred p. Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City where 168 people lost their lives. Timothy was seeking revenge from the siege of the land that belonged to the famous religious group of Dravidians. The bombing took place on the second year anniversary of the 78 Dravidians. He executed on 2001 for having murdered innocent people who knew nothing about the siege. His name was feared in the streets and even by police officers.

#3. John Wayne Gacy


From 1972 to 1978 he had murdered close to forty people. John was a person worth to fear because he would kill the people and bury the bodies near his home in crawl space of his home in Chicago. The most complicated character was that he was involved in many fundraising events. He was nicknamed the clown killer because he used to implement the Pogo the Clown style to kill people. He was sentenced to death in 1994 by poisonous injection. His last words to the people were “Kick my ass”, and he said them after he was told to close his eyes so that he can die in peace.

#4. Andrew Kehoe


Andrew was overwhelmed by life stresses after financial drought and political defeats. He was vying for the town clerkship in 1927 where the terrible lost. His mass murder was in 1927 at Michigan, elementary school where he killed over 40 children using detonators to kill people. He killed himself the same year after he saw that there is nothing left in his life. He had a slogan that he kept at his fence that police found when he was dead that was saying, ” criminals are made, not born.”

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